ACTIVUS – Instant porridge

Client Kauno Grūdai, AB
Services Logo design, Packaging design

Kauno Grūdai is one of the largest company’s in Lithuania, having a wide range of products. Moon Troops had a task to create a package design and the logo. We decided to give it a modern look and use a minimalistic style. The oatmeal were to be delivered in a new type of cup which, until now, has been never been seen on the market, so we had to give even more attention to design. We wanted to differentiate ourselves stylistically from our competitors and present the product anew.

The package is rather small, but there is sufficient amount of information. We have devoted much of attention to the logo itself, the explanation what this product is, and it’s taste. Background information is usually what the undecided customers read, therefore, we have written “Energy for the Morning”. On the package we have described benefits and nutritional values. A product with contrasting colors has a better visibility, therefore, we have paid attention to the functional color which indicates the taste.


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