Black Oak Whiskey Concept


Wooden label concept

Client: Bold Brands / Services: Packaging concept / Year: 2014

Black Oak whiskey concept was developed in order to present an exclusive attitude towards a product of luxury and to introduce unconventional design solution.

While researching whiskey’s manufacturing process, we have decided to add a tiny bit of mystique to it. During aging phase whiskey is placed in an oak barrel. Therefore, we have decided to give whiskey an unusual name – Black Oak – which should stimulate an interest in the product.

Seeking an exceptional solution we decided to use two unusual materials. We have chosen a classic bourbon bottle, however, its surface is covered in black matte color. This gives the drink a feel of mystery and luxury. A label made of natural wood was also not chosen accidentally, for it portrays the naturalness when touched.

Black oak was chosen as the main design motif, while as additional motives we chose oak leaves. In order not to overshadow the natural beauty of oak, we have decided to use only black color and minimalistic design.

Our goal was achieved – we developed a unique and truly luxurious design concept.


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