CARNILOVE – Petfood packaging concept

Vafo Farma SRO

Logo Concept
Packaging Concept


VAFO Farma SRO is one of the largest pet food producers in Europe.

A customer approached us with a request to create a packaging concept ideas, which can be adapted to future product development.

The new package was supposed evoke an emotion of the highest quality food for dogs that looks “savage”.

In order to evoke an emotion of wild nature, we have dedicated a significant amount of space to a background picture dominated by mountains, rivers and forest landscape. The focus, however, is on the wold, which is associated with a wild dog. For separate age categories we have portrayed wolves of different age in the foreground thus helping to identify whom the food is for. The background was kept the same for all categories to maintain visual integrity.

In the bottom area we have decided to use a black background in order to emphasize the idea of “Super Premium” quality. For the hassle-free differentiation of taste we chose clear and easy-to-spot signs of different colors. Moreover, we chose small graphic signs which help to indicate the taste.

The key information is arranged in one place – the customer will instantly see dog‘s age group and food’s taste. Slab Serif style fonts were chosen to amplify the idea of naturalness and strength.

The final result well portrays the key idea – It is “Savage“ Super Premium class dog food.


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