CatCat & DogDog – Complete Pet Food


Client AB Kauno Grūdai
Services Packaging & Logo Design

Budget friendly pet food brand intended for Baltic states and Polish market.

Packaging design of this price range products are usually very unclear and hardly recognizable, point of sale being only the low price. Keeping this in mind we decided to make this packaging look fun, recognizable and easy to identify for a consumer, emphasizing brand names CAT CAT & DOG DOG with playful characters, which cannot communicate the purpose of the product any clearer.

Upbeat graphic design direction was chosen for this product because usually consumers of this price range pet food are lonely and from lower income households. But nevertheless loving and caring for their pets, whose are oftentimes are one of the biggest joys in their lives. Thus subconsciously communicating that your pet will be way happier consuming this brand food, giving motivation to buy it.

Economy class pet food usually is bought for mongrel pets, therefore illustrations does not emphasize particular breed of animals but still being playful and heartwarming as we all know they are.

The result is highly visible and fun product packaging exclusive in its category.


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