Chokeberry wine

Handmade Limited Edition

Client – Bold Brands

Services – Packaging Design

Year – 2021

The 7th “HANDMADE LIMITE EDITION” project, where our whole team makes design and packaging for wine.

This time it is the papier mache bottle packaging. Every bottle is as unique as each of our client or partner. Unique interesting texture catches the attention and makes you wonder what material is it.

Bottles looks like small plaster sculptures to many, and while materials costs are close to none, end product gets a huge added value because of exclusive appearance.

To embrace the highly textured body and uniqueness of each bottle packaging is accompanied with minimal graphical elements and only necessary details. Biggest challenge was to cover the whole bottle with the paper material while keeping the ergonomic opening and maintain its’ functionality. It was achieved by hiding the opening seam with a pull off collar label.

Uniqe, heavily textured, impressive & artsy chokeberry wine packaging by BOLD BRANDS once again.


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