Claus’trophobia – Limited Edition

CLAUS’TROPHOBIA – Limited edition beer

Munkebo & Genys Brewing Collaboration

Genys Brewing Co


Packaging design

CLAUS’TROPHOBIA – extremely limited edition beer. It is the result of collaboration between two craft breweries Genys Brewing Co (Lithuania) and Munkeo Mikrobryg (Denmark). What makes it so special, is juicy Lithuanian blueberries – one of the main ingredients of this beer.

Claus is the name of one of the craftsmen who not only took part creating this beer but also was an inspiration for the beer name itself. Unusual name and taste greatly influenced unexpected and unfamiliar beer label design.

As blueberry has vital importance, we put it in a closed square to cause it claustrophobia. Some triangles were highlighted using UV varnish, creating impression of abstract trees and conveying a message of those blueberries being gathered in forest.
Combination of matte paper and UV varnish turned out to be rare in this category, and product cached many eyes of those who were looking for something new and exceptional.


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