Coffee Cruise – Small Batch Roastery

Cooffee Cruise – Small Batch Roastery

Branding & Packaging Design

Client: UAB “Emiva” / Services: Naming, Logo design, Packging design / Year: 2017

Creation of Coffee Cruise started when small coffee roaster knocked on our door. The main goal was to make exclusive packaging which he could make in really small quantities. We decided to employ small company size to it’s benefit. Founder of roastery is the real expert, who made us travel through the word coffees. This wonderful experience became an inspiration for the brand name. Coffee Cruise is the guide who lets you travel and discover distant sides of the world by simply enjoying a cup of coffee. That is how the name and some kind of hero was born – Coffee Cruise – Small Batch Roastery. Taking everything into account decision was made to look at this project from the small business perspective. Craft paper bags were selected as product packaging making it not only visually appealing but also easy to use. Small batches lets pack everything by hand, therefore graphics on packaging are applied using stamp, leaving all the imperfections and a feel of handmade product. We selected three main characteristics of coffee fruitiness, sweetness and bitterness and two secondary features to notify the customer. These characteristics are presented in front face of packaging for easy identification of customers preferred tastes and discovery of new ones.


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