Packaging design



DADU, one of the biggest Lithuanian ice cream producers, decided to represent its new product a bit differently. Because of the great competitiveness and huge growth of the Baltic States ice cream market, the manufacturer aimed to create and develop unique ice cream package design appearance to attract more interest. Our aim was to create minimalistic packaging design to stress the highest quality of the ingredients and astonishing taste of the product.

We have chosen white as the main color for whole package appearance, to emphasize the organic minimalistic style. Photo of the ice cream cone was placed in the front so each potential customer would know what to expect inside the package. To distinguish DADU ice cream in a wafer cone from the cheaper white ice cream packages and add some luxury feeling, we placed gold organic elements on the upper part of the encasement. To discern different ice cream flavors, each type of the product was marked with different color stripes beneath the photo of the actual product.

The design we (Moon Troops) created is considered to be very successful as the sales and popularity of the product surpassed all the expectations.


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