DYNAMIT Energy Drink

Client – Olvi Group

Services – Packaging Design, Logo, Identity

Year – 2021

The primary objective of the design refresh for DYNAMIT ENERGY DRINK was to distinguish it from other products on the shelves and increase its brand recognition, as it is already well-known in three Baltic countries.

The updated logo is now more prominent and distinct, with the addition of supplemental graphic elements that convey power and excitement to the otherwise static brand mark. As a result, the brand can be easily identified as an energy drink, even when the logo is used outside of packaging.

The packaging design now includes only the most critical elements, such as the logo, product name, and supplementary graphic elements representing an explosion that reinforces the high-energy feeling. Other flavored products are easily distinguishable through their vibrant colors, which is their exclusive feature.

The graphic elements and iconic logo establish a strong brand identity that is versatile enough to be used across different media.


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