Genys – Limited Edition Series

Packaging Design

Client – Genys Brewing
Services – Packaging design
Year – 2016

Genys Brewing Co. is an independent small craft brewery from Baltics focused on highest quality standard and rich taste beers. This is one of their yet another beer making venture of limited beers including brewery collaborations and original taste palates. These limited edition beers only comes in quantity of up to 5000 bottles so we had to create design concept that would let to optimise the costs of design and production every time a new beer is brought up to life.

Following these concept rules we decided to keep graphic object count to a minimum leaving only four main elements: Brewery Logo, Product Name and distinctive brush stroke overlaying monochrome picture. The main attention is focused to a different shape and colour stroke and objects underneath them. This combination clearly communicates different emotions styles and tastes of craft beer.

Working together we gave birth to this beautiful extraordinary design in craft beer category that unifies all the beers under one umbrella but still gives that distinctive look and individuality for each beer type.


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