Client – Genys Brewing Co.

Year – 2022

Services – Packaging Design

You have to be a brew master to brew sour beers. It can be called the masterpiece of beer. This type of beer is characterised by expressive flavours and acidity.

Craft beer is always bold both in its taste solutions and design. Therefore, this beer had to be bold – different, the kind we wouldn’t find in any bar or packaging design website in the world. We thought if the taste is sour, why not add some “acid” to the design. ACID it is and it is perfect!. Bright colours and undefined lines perfectly reflect the philosophy and taste of this beer. Graphics and label dyeline is in perfect harmony and the label cutouts of unusual shapes reveals the glossy black can, thus interweaving two different textures of the matte label and the shiny aluminium can.

Brave & Acid = the new woodpecker SOUR SOUR.


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