Kamado Bono Packaging Design

KAMADO BONO Packaging refresh

Client: Leto Projektai, BM

Services: Packaging Design

Year: 2020

Kamado Bono grills are a well-known brand in Lithuania and Europe. The grills are manufactured to order at a factory that also produces for other brands. Consequently, the grill packaging was similar to that of other grills, with the only difference being the Kamado Bono logo.



  • Online, grills are sold under model names (Minimo, Media, Grande), but the packaging only indicates the grill size in inches, leaving customers uncertain if they received the correct model.
  • Customers find it difficult to decide which size grill to choose.
  • The package includes six additional accessories not offered by other manufacturers.
  • Customers have difficulty knowing which color grill they will receive.
  • The packaging does not appear attractive to users and does not resemble premium-level competitors.



  • Help customers understand which grill to choose and properly communicate the grill’s features, advantages, and accessories.
  • Create packaging with minimal costs and production changes that adds value.

Kamado Bono Packaging Design


  • As a technical solution, we chose a sticker that would not increase packaging costs or require changes to the manufacturing processes.
  • We presented the grills and additional accessories with photos, making it clear what the buyer would receive, thus avoiding misunderstandings with non-English-speaking buyers in Lithuania and Europe.
  • We enlarged the logo and name to help users quickly understand what they are purchasing.
  • We communicated the functionality as “GRILL, OVEN, SMOKER,” answering the question of how the buyer can use the Kamado grill.
  • To assist customers at physical retail locations, we added a note indicating the size of the group the grill is intended for.

Kamado Bono Packaging Design

Kamado Bono Packaging Design

aKamado Bono Packaging Design

Kamado Bono Packaging Design


The packaging became significantly more attractive and clearer. It is now easier to distinguish products not only in the store but also for warehouse workers. Customers began photographing the packaging instead of the grill and sharing it on social networks or in grilling groups. This indicates that the packaging conveys more than just the product and looks like a premium product that buyers can be proud of.

Kamado Bono Packaging Design


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