Client – KUHNE

Services – Naming, Logo Design

Year – 2016


We have to admit that KUHNE was opened by our friends. So we had a 100% freedom for creativity. Out task was to create brand name and logo for new small place of ribs and burgers.

When we first time came to the new place which was around 12 sq.m. Which looked like kitchen. Our friend was standing at the bar. The place inside is just simple, warm and cozy. Owner of the place was serving food and accepting the orders. The feeling was like you are in your friends kitchen. We live in Lithuania where during the occupation of Soviet union the best parties was in the Kitchen. In those kitchens of Kaunas city born ideas of freedom, rock bands, and threre was a best parties. Kitchen “Kuhnja” in Russian and “K├╝che” in German. So we created a new brand name “KUHNE”.

In the middle of the Vegan trend Kuhne was offering just two meals – Pork Ribs and Pulled Pork burgers. So we deiced to use Butcher axe as a main symbol to show the idea of food made from good fresh meat. In this kind agressive image naturally born a slogan Hunger Killers.



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