Mr.Check – Nuts

Mr.Check – Flavoured Coated Nuts

Services Logo design, Packaging design

Competition in FMCG retail markets is though and it’s even more vigorous fight when you are small producer in rivalry with big brands. So there is a need to deliver more to be visible and most importantly to sell well. That is exactly what happened with Mr. Check brand which was put on a stage together with big players.

Consulting the client many details about wide range of export markets to different world regions was revealed. This gave the insight about the product being in competition for survival in broad variety of cultural backgrounds. Thus it has to be fresh but contain all the familiar aesthetics of the big brands in the snacks market at the same time delivering more than the latter.

Emotion of explosive tastes and crusty coating on just a perfectly roasted peanuts was our main focus of creation. Attention to details of custom illustrations of product itself was supreme. But customer is not that trusting nowadays so a small window was implemented to be totally transparent about product quality at the same time giving the buyer more control of his purchase decision. This approach was quite unique in the field as none of the big producers could or was willing to ensure the visual quality of the contents that packaging holds. Thus it highly increased the credibility of the new product.

Finally, strategy and design decisions has met the clients expectations giving us opportunity of giving life to the successful product sold all over the world and equally worthy the customers attention as world known brand products.


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