Craft Beers

Client – Peak River GmbH (Switzerland)

Services – Logo, identity, packaging design.

Year – 2022


Peak River is a nano brewery, located in the centre of Mels near the breathtaking Swiss alps, passionately crafting beers in small batches.

Our objective was to develop an exceptional logo and packaging design for the new brewery, with the aim of distinguishing it from the existing market of vibrant and funky craft beer packaging. We devised a strategy to target three distinct groups – Beer Explorers, Beer lovers & Experts, and Travellers – in order to attract a diverse customer base.

We have chosen a distinct style of illustrations that will create a unified look for all labels, at the same time giving it a custom label shape that will be used for future communication and brand recognition. Our illustrations primarily revolve around themes of adventure, travel, and nature, as Switzerland is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. As the owners themselves of Peak River are deeply passionate about both nature and travel..

The result – unique style packaging design and logo which is standing out from the crowd. It’s different but in the way that it appeals for wide range of beer lovers.


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