L O G O   D E S I G N

Client: Omniteksas / Services: Logo Redesign / Year: 2012

Thermowave brand was quite famous amongst potential customers. However, further the brand development gone, more and more flaws became visible.

We carried out an analysis of the brand and found major flaws that affect the poor usability of the logotype and further brand development:


  • Impractical composition of the word mark
  • Obsolete and generic design
  • Absence of vertical and horizontal compositions of the logotype
  • Absence of logo mark that could be used separately
  • Lack of communication about brand values


Our goal was to update the logo eliminating identified deficiencies. The old typeface used in the logo was unique, so we decided keep the same font with few seamless modifications. Typeface is now narrower and more practical to use on various products.Two logo compositions has been built. Horizontal – transitional from old logo to new one allowing existing customers to adapt and vertical one, which is used after adaptation period and focuses on new brand mark.

In terms of value newly created logotype emphasize the sense of movement and the ability to achieve more, never stop. Optical illusion and the arrow symbolising movement were merged to create logotype which reflects any athletes values and expectations.

To maintain the recognisable brand, we kept the same colour palette, with minor adjustments. New brand development guidelines were prepared to help maintain brand integrity and high quality overall image of the trademark.


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