Client Viktorija, UAB
Services Packaging design, Food illustrations

“Viktorija” is one of the oldest cookies bakeries in Lithuania. They are baking cookies since 1939. In 2018 they have decided refresh their products look and selected Bold Brands for new product naming, strategy and packaging design.

After review of products portfolio we decided to separate all products to two lines – “Traditional Cookies” which recipes are classic and not innovative. This line was focused to 40-60 years old people who loves cookies and buys then in 250g and larger bags. This target group appreciates products made in bakery. So we decided to choose craft paper in background with illustration of bakery and fields to create an emotion that these cookies were made in traditional bakery from local grown wheat.

And other line is “Mini Oat Cookies” which was created for young audience – 16-35 years old. This was named in in English for better export possibilities. The design was created more modern and playful to get more attention for young people. We’ve selected the same layout as “Tradiciniai” and craft paper background to unify two product lines. Just we’ve changed the elements in background to communicate the active life style idea and that it’s a perfect snack in different situations like, traveling, studying, working etc.

If we think generally about cookies – the most important for consumers is taste. So we’ve decided to create illustrations of cookies and taste elements that they would be tasty and beautiful. The main focus was to the taste!


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