Volfas Engelman

Client – Volfas Engelman (Olvi Group)

Services – Packaging design update

Year – 2020

Volfas Engelman – one of the oldest & most popular Lithuanian brewhouses. Brand name was revived only in 2011 after long being stripped of it during the WW2. In a short period of tame it became one of the most popular beer brands in Lithuania.

Renewing brand mark and packaging design is not an easy task for a brand names with such recognition when even a slight change can influence unwanted customer response.
Overall graphic structure was kept, just outdated illustrations were simplified a bit and some unnecessary details were removed from design. Moreover historic heritage insipired new wordmark creation. Using the vintage label shapes and forms new logotype and slightly modified “shield” graphic elements were created. It communicates rich history of the brand as well as connects with evolving customer needs at the same time not loosing recognisability and raising brand awareness.


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