Volfas Engelman Galaxy – Redesign

Volfas Engelman Galaxy
Packaging redesign

Client Volfas Engelman, AB (Olvi Group)
Services Packaging design

Volfas Engelman Galaxy was created four years ago as one kind lager beer. After successful years and increasing sales situation demanded an update and extension of beer varieties.

If there would be a need to identify this beer as a person it would be a modern Gentleman. These two words would communicate perfectly its main values and visual appearance. So it has to be modern clear but still elegant at the same time. Also identification and recognition must be kept by all means for the sake of returning customer.

Our solutions to these challenges was to keep the main colours keep it clean but add more detail and richness to the aluminium can to better communicate its premium quality contents as it is. We purified the graphical content made clear hierarchy of the objects focusing on the product name itself at the same time keeping the combination of black and gold. And of course supplementing product line with additional SKU’s of amber and dark beers, enriched with copper and rose gold colours, which came up in existence as a real modern gentleman of a beer.


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